Thank You For Raising The Girl/Man Mother Of The Bride And Groom Key Chain Set

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$78.00 - $88.00


"Thank you for raising the man of my dreams"


Nothing calms a parents heart more than knowing that their baby will always be cherished. This is a perfect, sentimental, thoughtful gift to share your heart with the heart of the ones that made the love of your life who he is. 


At Southern Stamped Jewelry, our original designs are heart felt, hand made and completely customizable. Each piece is meant to be a true reflection of your heart...your loves, your memories, your story. We can't wait to create your one of a kind treasure to share with the world.

The Details:

- 2 x largest stamped pieces with "Thank you for raising the man of my dreams" and "Thank you for raising the woman or girl of my dreams"

- 2 x birthstone beads of your choice (most people choose the birthstones of their husband/boyfriend and her mom/grandmother, etc.)


- 2 x Heart and key charms

- 2 x keyrings




Let's create your own! Please leave message in the "Order details" at checkout with the following information:

1.) initials for circles

2.) months for birth stone beads

We LOVE custom orders. Don't see exactly what you want or would like to add a stamped piece? Contact us here by clicking the "contact us" button or you can email us at or call us at 601-320-6760


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