Thank You For Raising Large Ornate Natural Brass Oval w/ Silver Solid Heart And Circle

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$29.00 - $39.00

Thank You For Raising the man of my dreams Large Ornate Natural Brass Oval with Silver Solid Heart And Circle

It's no surprise this is one of our most popular pieces. This keychain is "extra" - extra big, extra ornate and with extra features like the customizable stamping on the heart and circle. It's sure to get you extra points with your mother in law, too!

We LOVE custom orders. Don't see exactly what you want or would like to add a stamped piece? Contact us here by clicking the "contact us" button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen or you can email us at or call us at 1-601-320-6760.
**Please note that if no birthstone bead is chosen item will be shipped with a crystal stone and a Pearl**
Color Variations- Every available effort is made to make close matches to color. Due to many production factors, such as substrate color,opacity, and other factors, SSJ can only assure that the color will be within a tonal value. Because of the nature of the metals used we cannot guarantee exact matches.

Lifetime Warranty