SunRay Jewelry Cleaner

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SunRay Liquid Jewelry Cleaner 8oz. Jar


Safe even for pearls, this compact, convenient and ready-to-use jewelry cleaner includes 8-oz. of cleaning solution, a jewelry-holding basket and a soft-scrubbing brush. The all-natural solution emulsifies buffing compound and removes oils, dirt and cosmetics. Soak for less than 10 minutes, rinse, and dry pieces with a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

Works great on gold, gold filled, gold-plated, rose gold, sterling-silver, silver-plated, brass and more.


We have found for really tarnished pieces that keeping them in the liquid for the full 10 minutes, washing and repeating the process helped. We also found that after the pieces came out of the cleaner, once washed and dried, we used the Sunshine polishing cloth to finish up! You can find it HERE


We are proud to be able to supply this great product to our customers! If you are not happy with the performance send it back and we will refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.


Please remember we also offer a lifetime warranty on all our jewelry and will be happy to help with any cleaning questions or needs you may have before, during, and after you purchase! 


*Made in America*

Lifetime Warranty