Silver Circle On A Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet

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"All You Need Is Faith"

Our bangle bracelets are the perfect little reminder to have faith. 

At Southern Stamped Jewelry, our original designs are heart felt, handmade and completely customizable. Each piece is meant to be a true reflection of your heart...your loves, your memories, your story. We can't wait to create your one of a kind treasure to share with the world.

The Details:

This item includes:

- 1 x silver circle with saying of your choice

- 1 x stainless steel bangle bracelet


We welcome custom orders! If you don't see exactly what you want, please contact us in the chat box on the bottom right. If we are not in you can leave a message right there as well. We will work with you to create your perfect, one of a kind treasure!


***Please note these are handmade***


These items are handmade in our studio. Each item is hand stamped, meaning that each letter is stamped into the metal by hand. Every piece is slightly different and unique, and letters and spacing vary just enough to make yours truly one of a kind. Your piece is created when you order, then beautifully packaged and shipped, all by hand by our team of family and friends here at SouthernStamped. Each item also comes with a complementary cleaning pad and gift bag.

Lifetime Warranty