Mother Daughter Jewelry forms a Lasting Bond

10th Sep 2020

“Mother and daughter together are a powerful force to be reckoned with” ~ Melia Keeton-Digby, The Heroines Club: A Mother-Daughter Empowerment Circle

The bond between a mother and daughter is a sacred one. So often, family traditions and history is shared through the generations from mother to daughter. As rightly said by Signe Hammer~ "Mothers of daughters are daughters of mothers and have remained so, in circles joined to circles, since time began”.

There seems to be more to the bond of mothers and daughters than what meets the eye. A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience says- “mother-daughter relationships are the strongest of all parent-child bonds when it comes to the common ways their brains process emotion”. A daughter is often brings out the emotional side of her mother. According to a 2016 study, there were conclusions made that the part of our brains responsible for emotions, is the most similar between daughters and mothers than any other intergenerational pairing. This could even explain why these relationships can be strained. Along with all the amazing attributes passed down, being stubborn is often in the mix as well. 

There are also study results stating that mothers parent their daughters quite differently than their sons. The cycle that advances human progeny has a lot to do with how a woman functions in it. The ideas passed from the mother to her children, are more likely to shape the future of the coming generations. Idealistically, it is said the virtues are taught by the woman in a home. Psychology speaking, there is profound evidence that a child is more likely to walk on the footprints laid down by the mother. This is also evident when studying maternal care among animals.

In today’s society, families are getting smaller in size. That feeling of belonging, the collective contribution in household chores and most importantly spending quality time together is something which is on the verge of being entirely wiped out in today’s modern world. The worst of its implication is on the sophisticated bonds of a mother and her daughter. The tender age of early adulthood and late teenage years is the time when daughters ought to be nurtured at best by their mothers. The world has become increasingly busy with more and more family obligations and more activities for teens. Therefore, the very important parts of home instruction is often passed over. Many daughters move miles away from home and their mothers, to pursue higher education and job opportunities. That quality or say the quintessential transition from a girl to a woman is often been laid without the continuous support of mothers. While distance often strains these delicate relationships, they also offer an opportunity to be more thoughtful and kind to each other. Whether it’s a daily phone call or facetime, or a handwritten letter or gift, small gestures often mean the most.

One beautiful way to honor the mother daughter bond is with a shared piece of jewelry? Mother-daughter gifts are precious and a gorgeous way to make them feel connected. Whether its a ring, bracelet, or necklace with a special message just for the two of you, or a keychain to keep with you all the time, handmade gifts are a true treasure.

Just the sight of jewelry from someone you adore brings you the best memories. Even at the end of a hard day, having that little piece of each other can make all the difference,

A picture often takes us right back to a moment in time. We can forever hold the memory of the first time we held our children, or said I do, or said goodbye. Jewelry has the same magical power to transport us to some of the best times of our lives.

Mother-daughter gifts are the perfect way to give your sweet mom a hug from miles away, or to offer encouragement to your daughter even though you can’t hold her hand. That mother-daughter jewelry will bring a smile every single time it’s worn.