Handmade Jewelry Allows You To Wear Your Story

29th Jul 2020

Jewelry should be a personal reflection of your style. Jewelry should enhance every outfit and give you confidence and joy when you wear it. Handmade jewelry is a great way to do just that! This form has a special place in the heart of people all over the world. Each piece has a certain uniqueness to it. Since each one is specifically handmade, adds a special emotion to each piece of jewelry. Southern Stamped Jewelry Co. is one such company which has honed this craft to perfection and the wide range of jewelry that they sell never ceases to amaze and impress people.

Handmade stamped jewelry is a signature collection of the company. Add customization to the mix and it is enough to make the wearer feel like they are the designer of their own jewelry, which makes the end result all the more precious. The right jewelry can light up any outfit and give a much more put together look. Be it rings, bracelets, necklaces, keychains or some other type of jewelry, the expert craftsmen of the company leave no stone unturned to make quality products for their loyal customers. Handmade jewelry is a one time investment and is always worth so much more than it costs. The labor, precision and hard work that goes into making each piece of handmade jewelry is what makes them all unique in different ways.

Features galore

Creatinghand stamped metal jewelry is a speciality of Southern Stamped. The personalized silver name rings are specially created to highlight the personality traits of the individual. Rings are a universal symbol of bond shared between two people, be it lovers, family members or friends. There are numerous ways in which a ring can be customized to suit the fancy of the wearer. Using sterling silver or stainless steel, the rings they create are beautiful examples of the quality of handmade stamped jewelry the company creates. Customization ranges from simple bands that celebrate bonds to elaborate and complex designs, every choice is made available to the consumer. All this, just to make sure that whenever one glances at the jewelry they are wearing, it serves as a sweet reminder of the bond which one shares with that special someone.

Keeping up with current trends, where custom pieces are valued much more than premade designs, the company makes sure that each piece becomes more valuable because of the meaning it carries. While each piece of jewelry is precious and beautiful, not every one of them tells a story. The company has made it its goal that no matter the size or the price of jewelry the customer buys, it always tells a story. They do this, using letters, symbols and numbers which are then stamped onto the piece. The rings they make are made all the more special using the fire polished beads that look gorgeous when added to them and worn stacked together.

A dream in the making

The founder of Southern Stamped, Alison, began making jewelry following a really tough year of her life. After a year full of surgery and rigorous cancer treatment, when going through her recovery phase, she came to know how therapeutic jewelry making can be. It helped her realize her passion for hand stamped metal jewelry. Her dream began from the unheated garage beside her house and it was the place where the idea for Southern Stamped Jewelry Co. was born.

Every day, after doing her day job as a radiologist, she would work on her designs and jewelry at night. In those starting months, even though it was winters and the garage was not even insulated, she kept at it. Her dedication and hard work towards achieving her dreams was such that it was bound to be a success. Since she wanted to bring uniqueness to her work, she took it on herself to expand the reach of handmade stamped jewelry, which turned out to be a big success. What started out as a dream is now a reality.