Yakkin' and stampin - summer in the south

Yakkin' and stampin - summer in the south

16th Jun 2016

Ok, so "yakkin" might be a new term for lots of us (me included). But it seems to be the newest thing. Kayaking here in the south involves a lot of horse flies, a lot of sunscreen, and a lot of sweating. The reward is gorgeous views and long stretches of just you and the water. Plus, even when you love your job, sometimes you need a break from southern jewelry making.


There's something so peaceful about feeling like you are the only person in the world as you float down the creek.

A few tips for making yakkin' a little easier...

1.) bungee cords, bungee cords, ALL the bungee cords

2.) Dry bags/sacks to keep anything you need dry actually dry for when you flip - and you WILL eventually flip

3. ) waterproof cover for your cell

4.) cool towels/rags - there's lot of different ones out there and they are lifesavers for cooling off on really hot days in the sun

5.) creek sandals/shoes - when you need to disembark it's easiest with some good skid proof shoes to protect you from rocky creek beds

6.) a good life jacket that you can move well and isn't too heavy

7.) lots of water and lots of snacks, cause paddling makes you hungry

There are tons of gadgets and cool accessories out there. It's fun to find new and useful things to make adventures even more fun. And of course, southern stamped accessories are the best accessories :)