We’re SO Fancy Y’all! Southern Stamped Jewelry

Posted by southernstamped on 26th Oct 2015

So, exciting news happened this week…and not just that I got pneumonia for the second (count it, second time) in a month.

Our website launched yesterday! is officially open (and with free shipping I might add).  It’s pretty fantastic, and I’m super proud of all that this company means to not just the people behind the scenes, but to people who purchase from us.

You see, I haven’t been around from the beginning of all that Southern Stamped Jewelry is. I just came into the picture in July, as the “best friend from high school who needs a job but needs to be a stay at home mom too”.  That’s not my official title, granted, but you get the idea.  I quickly realized that there was way more to stamped jewelry than I ever thought, and just how hard Alison and John work.

Alison started this company as a hobby. Just something she did after long hours at the hospital working in the radiology department. Pretty soon, though, she was getting so many orders that she was able to start making jewelry full time.  She and her husband, John, now work literally 7 days a week running Southern Stamped Jewelry, and being, quite possibly, the best bosses ever.  (I’m not just kissing up, I promise!).

As I post more here, you’ll get a chance to know more about our employees and our onsite mascots, Hank and Katie.  We are so excited to share all the things ahead for Southern Stamped Jewelry, and to connect in new ways with our readers and customers.

Have a fantastic day! Here’s a few of our favorite customer testimonials from this week:

Bren Weber

My daddy will always be close to my heart thanks to this necklace..100% personalized and made for me. Thank you southern stamped jewelry!

Heidi Olivarez

Just wanted to say thank you for the necklace! It’s perfect!!

Melissa (content manager/best friend from high school who needs a job but needs to be a stay at home mom too)