Read All About It! Southern Stamped Jewelry Launches Brand New Collection!

Read All About It! Southern Stamped Jewelry Launches Brand New Collection!

2nd Nov 2016

Southern Stamped Jewelry Launches Most Personalized Collection Yet

SEMINARY, MS., October 28, 2016 /Press Release/ Southern Stamped Jewelry is known for it's desire to produce the most personal, meaningful jewelry available. In the quest to offer customers the most customized keepsakes, Southern Stamped is excited to announce a whole new division of the SSJ family, Southern Engravables.

Southern Stamped has always sought to bring comfort and joy to those who've lost loved ones. The company was founded on the idea that memories are treasures, and preserving them is an honor. The new Engravables collection features etched necklaces, bracelets and keychains. Your child's first drawing, your great grandmother's favorite bible verse written in the cover of her bible, the last birthday card from a loved one, a handwritten love letter...all of these treasures can be forever captured in jewelry you can wear everyday.

Founder Alison Price says, "We want to offer a way for people to keep the things they hold closest to their hearts with them as a daily reminder that love is all around us. We strive to offer high quality, personalized jewelry, made by hand with love, at an affordable price."

Southern Stamped Jewelry's website,, offers a chance to personalize each order. In addition to Southern Engravables, Southern Stamped has recently added gold and rose gold collections as well as handstamped rings. The new website layout makes customizing easy and the addition of live chat makes the ordering experience much more user friendly.

Just in time for Christmas, Southern Stamped hopes to meet all the needs of customers seeking personalized, memorial, customized gifts. From the perfect mother in law gift to the "just right" gift to a spouse, Southern Stamped Jewelry has something for everyone.

About Southern Stamped Jewelry

Southern Stamped Jewelry is the passionate creation of Alison, who started this company as a hobby after losing her own father as a way to comfort others who had lost loved ones, too. Just something she did after long hours at the hospital working in the radiology department. Pretty soon, though, she was getting so many orders that she was able to start making jewelry full time. She and her husband, John, now work literally 7 days a week running Southern Stamped Jewelry. The studio is a wonderful mix of friends and family who have become part of the SSJ team as well as Alison and John's daughter, Joanna, and their furbabies, Hank and Katie.

One of the most amazing parts of our company is that we get to interact with our amazing customers. We hear so many of your stories, and we cry with you and rejoice with you when you share your heart with us. We have the privilege of seeing the strength and grace with which so many of you carry on after losing someone precious in your life. We are honored to create jewelry that helps you carry those loved ones close to your heart. We love creating custom orders as gifts to someone special as well. The thoughtfulness and affection that is put into designing each piece shines through, and makes a one of a kind treasure. Thank you so very much for allowing us to be a part of your lives and helping you not only tell your story, but wear your story.

We are proud to offer our popular "Daddy's Girl" items as well as our "Thank you for raising the man of my dreams" necklace, and we love hearing about what those mean to our customers. We are weekly adding new things to our store to help you show off the things in life that you cherish, from your memories to your child's birthstones. Integrating these into wearable treasures allow you to share a part of who you are with everyone you meet. Life is a wonderful blend of joy, heartache and connection, and SSJ helps you embrace it all.