Losing Your Daddy - memorial jewelry at Southern Stamped

Losing Your Daddy - memorial jewelry at Southern Stamped

9th Jun 2016

Daddy. Dad. Father. Pop.

No matter what you call him, I bet he's made a huge impact on your life.

Dads are a pretty big part of the family here at SSJ. One of the reasons there is a Southern Stamped Jewelry is because Alison, the one who started it all, lost her daddy. It was quite unexpected and very hard. She found a beautiful way to honor not just her dad, but thousands of other daddies gone too soon. And just look at all the lives she's touched?

I still have my daddy. He worked off shore my whole life growing up. So he was gone 7 days and then home 7 days. He made up for all that time away though when he was at home with us. Twelve years ago he was diagnosed with cancer and my big, strong "take care of everything" daddy changed. The hardest thing I've ever done is sit beside him in a hospital completely helpless while he fought with all that was in him. It's been a long, hard road. I'd love to say he beat cancer and that he's better than he's ever been. Physically, that's not the case. He can't eat. He needs constant care, and he is on home health care. He lost his hearing during the radiation treatments and he has problems with his speech. So physically, while doctors saved his life, they didn't save him. They didn't save the best golfing, softball playing, offshore working daddy in the world. We lost him twelve years ago. But they did save my kids PomPom (even though he wasn't planning on being called that lol). They saved the daddy I have now. The daddy with the biggest heart, the sweetest hugs, who never complains and shows up when it doesn't seem possible that he could. They saved my mama's high school sweetheart. They saved a man I wouldn't have known otherwise, and for that I'm grateful every single day.

This Father's Day, whether you are celebrating with your daddy, with memories of your daddy or celebrating someone who chose to love you even when they didn't have to, I hope you find peace and love and joy. Happy Father's Day.