Infant and Pregnancy Loss, Memorial Jewelry

Infant and Pregnancy Loss, Memorial Jewelry

16th Oct 2016

Yesterday, October 15, is the day set aside each year in honor of infant and pregnancy loss. I honestly dread it. I dread it because it's a hurt that never goes away, but it's not usually on my facebook feed as a rolling reminder of the pain of loss.

While it hurts, I do understand the importance of it. I understand that people need to hear about these little lives that we never met or never got the chance to truly know. About the things you can say and do to comfort a family facing the loss of a pregnancy or infant. Sometimes families just need to know that this life that means so much is acknowledged and grieved along with them. Sometimes they just need to be heard.

So in honor of this day of remembrance, please just listen. Just be there, be present for those who face loss. Acknowledge their grief and honor their loss. While none of us can make it better, we can help make it matter, and sometimes that's the most important part of all.