I Propose - Let Southern Stamped Jewelry make your day

15th Mar 2016

So there is a new phenomenon sweeping the internet lately. Have you seen it?

The Promposal

*I feel this should be followed by dramatic music and a pause

...ok, you may continue...*

In case you've missed this newest craze here are a couple of examples:



I'm amazed that teenagers are able to come up with this. Thank you to the age of pinterest and making things so much more fantastic than it used to be. But can you imagine what they will have to do to out do THIS when it comes time for marriage proposals?

This did get me thinking, how amazing would it be to promposal with a custom stamped keychain, necklace or bracelet. Just think, she can keep it forever! How sweet! So who's gonna be the first one to order one? You know you wanna!