Have a Hand in Charming Her: Pick Out a Handmade Gift

8th Dec 2017

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then how much does a token of your love say? Or better yet, the gesture of gifting a personalized trinket to your loved one? Jewelry’s long played a part in expressing affection – traditionally, we use a ring to pop the big question, after all. You can think of a handmade gift as the first step to asking for her hand. And whatever you pick out shows her how well you know her, factoring in her stylistic preferences at every stage of the decision. As the holidays approach, these feelings only seem to grow, fueled by mistletoe, hot drinks, cheery tunes and movies. It’s classic, it’s simple; you might call it cliched, but you can’t go wrong with a custom charm from the heart, made especially for her to wear near her heart.

They say love goes beyond material things, but the right gift endures time or distance. It’s there forever as a symbolic memento of all the times you’ve shared; through thick and thin, she’ll keep it on her skin. It’s an extension of your love and a great way to celebrate a new milestone in the relationship. Every time she puts it on, she’ll think of you fondly. It’ll remind you both of your love. Nothing makes it more official than a physical keepsake; plus, going handmade introduces some additional benefits. You won’t give off that impersonal, manufactured vibe. No, instead you can honestly say that care, attention, sweat, and tears (of joy) went into picking something well-thought out for her. Actions speak louder than words – but, thought and personal attention speak even louder. We add that special touch for your special someone, going insofar as to add her birthstone to the design.

The beauty of a handmade gift, also, lies in its ability to serve multiple functions. Say you haven’t hit that serious, ‘bed and breakfast, all in, I’ll be there any time’ kind of love. Even for newer relationships, it means whatever you want. You could both treat it as a ‘spontaneous, fun, no strings attached’ sort of souvenir. We’ll script the gift, so you can execute.

Outside of romance – it’s a sure-fire way to show appreciation for all your meaningful relationships: friends, family, maybe even the dog. It can act as a one-size-fits-all gift when unexpectedly placed on a Secret Santa list. But, it also shines fiercely as a one-on-one exchange. Trying to show some love for your mother-in-law, maybe opting for an option that shows off your sense of humor? We can put just the right amount of cheeky into a customized engravable. Or maybe something small and nice for the old man? We get so caught up in the hustle & bustle that sometimes we simply forget to say, “Thank you for everything, and I love you.” Let your handmade gift do the talking for you and leave a mark in your relationships.