Best Pet Ashes Jewelry

10th Mar 2021

Pet ashes jewelry offers a personal and close connection to a pet even after passing. Only an animal lover can understand the emotion of losing a pet. Almost everyone tends to view their pets as part of the family. When a pet dies, the grief is often just as real as if any other family member had passed.

The sorrow is often unbearable. We all know pets are the best companion you can have. A pet ashes necklace is one way to help you begin healing from this loss

Wearing memorial jewelry is a way to cherish a lost loved one, and a pet is no different. Southern Stamped Jewelry is a well-known jewelry brand that offers unique jewelry for every occasion.

Like cremation jewelry, pet urns come in many designs, materials, and sizes. At Southern Stamped you will find a large selection of pet urns. We have something for every style.

And if you are looking for a cat ashes necklace, then Southern Stamped offers a beautiful collection. Explore the unique cat urn necklace collection we offer.

People who choose to wear cremation jewelry say they feel a comforting presence. When a tangible part of their pet is worn in an urn they simply feel at peace. Our pet ash jewelry gives you peace of mind knowing your loved companion is always by your side.

As with all of our jewelry, our pet urn jewelry allows you to wear your story. It is like an invitation to share moments and stories.

With the large variety of urns available, wearing urn jewelry is meant for everyone. The main objective of this jewelry is to share warmth and celebrate lost love. It’s meant for every bond and relationship you share.

Cremation jewelry is prevailing as a trend in the fashion industry. It is a meaningful way of remembering your loved ones. There are ample styles and designs to choose from that suit the customer’s needs. Cremation jewelry comes in all shapes, styles, sizes, and price ranges depending on how you want the piece adorned. Some people go all out with precious metals and gemstones while others opt for something less extravagant.

Southern Stamped offers a wide array of cat urn necklaces. The best thing about our cremation jewelry is that it can be personalized and kept forever. It can be passed on as a family heirloom or simply kept as a unique keepsake. All this while, you have the comfort of knowing that your beloved ones look over you as your own personal angels.

Your pets are a very crucial part of your family and with our exclusive cat urn necklace and cat ash necklace range, you can feel closer to your pets.

These necklaces feature an elegant, raised single rose on a solid silver background. Each memorial cat ash necklace and cat urn necklace comes with an 18-20-inch adjustable chain. This beautiful urn also comes with a full kit complete with everything you need to fill your urn and easy to read instructions. We use the best materials to ensure this keepsake lasts a lifetime. Our stainless-steel memorial rose cremation jewelry necklace will keep your loved one close to your heart.

Cremation Jewelry has grown in popularity within the past decade. Our memorial necklaces are a sweet reminder that your loved one will always be with you.

At Southern Stamped we have a mesmerizing range of cremation jewelry and memorial necklaces. Our Winged Cross is just one of several great pendant designs to gently remind you that your loved one is now and forever in the loving hands of God. Each piece of our cross-ash jewelry is designed to hold a small amount of cremated remains, soil, hair, fur or crushed petals.