Be The Good... Hand Stamped Jewelry from SSJ

Be The Good... Hand Stamped Jewelry from SSJ

12th Apr 2016

I love the beach. I could be part mermaid (I mean, have the hair for it). Water, waves, the smell of sun tan lotion and sand between my toes soothes my soul. We recently visited the Gulf Coast for a couple of days. Granted, it's not tropical island beach, but it's nice for a weekend outing and to tide me over (pun intended ;) until I can get to bluer waters.

It's amazing how they've rebuilt since Hurricane Katrina. It really is incredible how with the exception of the occasional still empty beach front lot, things have come back even better than before. If you remember anything about Katrina, you know that the devastation was just unbelievable. So much was lost, so much more than just possessions or a gulf view...whole lives and livelihoods. But there they are, rebuilding even years later. Believing that even when the inevitable next storm comes that they will ride the wind and if need be, build again.

I guess that's what we are meant to do. We're meant to get the rug pulled out from under us, to lose our way underneath the tide, and to stand back up and go on. I've surely been there. I'm thankful to have had people around me that helped pull me, push me and throw me back into life when necessary. It's not easy, but that sunrise view is so worth it.

So here's to the survivors, the fighters and the rebuilders. The believers in good will prevailers (cause that's totally a thing). Here's to you and your beautiful spirit, may it always glow bright!