And The Winner Is…. hand stamped jewelry

Posted by southernstamped on 1st Jan 1970

“Let the beauty we love be what we do.” – RUMI

We recently had a giveaway here at Southern Stamped Jewelry, as a thank you for all the amazing customers.  One of the things that really sets us apart from other companies, and one of the very best parts of my job, is that we work very closely with so many of our clients.  We hear their stories, and we help make something that tells the story of THEIR hearts. Something that brings them comfort and a lot of times closure. And sometimes, we just listen, because that’s one more way to help keep the memory of that lost daddy, mama, grandparent, sister, brother or child alive.  It’s a way to honor the memory of how precious they were while they were here on earth, and how missed they are after they are gone.

Kristy (she’s the sweet girl you get to talk to on facebook and on website chat a lot of times), and I have cried together so many times with our customers. And we’ve cried again when we get a “I love it!” reply or a video of someone getting our jewelry as a gift.  A necklace with “Daddy” on it may not seem like much to some, but to someone…

it’s a lifeline…

a comfort…

a red flag saying “they mattered and they always ALWAYS will”…

it’s another reason to go on when your heart is broken…

and that makes every single day a good day for us.  I don’t even think Ali realized how many people she would impact when she sat down and stamped her first necklace.  But I’m so glad she did!

One of our winners, Beth Wash, got her picture preview of the necklace she chose recently.


She was kind enough to allow us to share a little about the story her necklace tells, so I’ll leave you today with her beautiful words.

“Well the guitar was chosen because my Daddy’s favorite thing in the world was to play his guitar and sing. His guitars were his prize possessions. I lost him in 2013, I was the true definition of a Daddy’s girl…he was my best friend. The hummingbird has a special meaning for my Momma…I was just 19 years old when I lost her in 1996…her death was so unexpected, I had just had my first baby…I have 7 brothers and sisters and one of my older brothers had a vision of my Momma as a hummingbird letting him know she was ok after we lost her. She ALWAYS loved hummingbirds…I can’t remember a time not seeing them around our house.

The quote I choose because honestly, my heart was never ready…Momma’s death was unexpected so of course you can never be ready for that….but we knew Daddy was going to meet our Lord, but even though we knew, I wasn’t ready, I’m still lost.

But I do know they were ready. I believe Momma knew it was coming, she talked about it and I just brushed it off. Daddy chose to have his ventilator turned off…he said he wanted to go home. So the quote fits perfectly…their wings were for sure ready. My heart was definitely not.”