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​_How do you heal a broken heart? Hand Stamped Jewlery

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How do you heal a broken heart? We've come so far in terms of healing. We can heal awful diseases and injuries. So many illnesses can be prevented now, allowing children to grow up healthy and strong. No matter what strides science makes, the pain of a broken heart isn't so easily fixed. Only time and the support of those we love can guide us through the murky waters of heartache.

The truth is, healing starts within ourselves. While others can certainly help,the power to move forward in happiness is within each of us. Once we meet our grief head on, we have the control to keep that broken part within us, but not to let it break us.

It's not only important, but it's ok to let other lift us up when we are hurting. Often when we are hurting, those around us don't know what to say or how to act. We tend to hide our true grief to spare those around us from feeling the gravity of our sadness. Sometimes loss is ugly. Sometimes it's hard and it doesn't feel brave. No matter what it looks like, letting those around us hold us up when we need it most gives us the strength to find that part of ourselves that is most resilient. Love from others often allows us to love ourselves more than anything else.

In order to truly feel better, we must be commit ourselves to moving forward. we must take the first step, do the most work, must make the first move, no matter how difficult. Give yourself permission to do this. Honor your grief, write about it, wear a piece of memorial jewelry that keeps your loved one close at heart. And give yourself time.

When my mother in law lost her father, she struggled for months. The man she had loved first was gone. I found a beautiful hand stamped necklace that I had personalized and gave it to her for Mother's Day. You could see the peace on her face as she slipped it around her neck. The act of remembering and honoring her grief gave her so much relief, she was finally able to heal. She was able to find her joy again, and that's when true healing begins.

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