​_How do you heal a broken heart? Hand Stamped Jewlery

6th Mar 2018

How do you heal a broken heart? We've come so far in terms of healing. We can heal awful diseases and injuries. So many illnesses can be prevented now, allowing children to grow up healthy and strong. … read more

Have a Hand in Charming Her: Pick Out a Handmade Gift

8th Dec 2017

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then how much does a token of your love say? Or better yet, the gesture of gifting a personalized trinket to your loved one? Jewelry’s long played a part in e … read more
Handmade Gifts to Honor the Memory of a Loved One

Handmade Gifts to Honor the Memory of a Loved One

23rd Oct 2017

When someone you know has lost a loved one, you yourself can often feel as though you are at a loss. Finding the right words and the right actions to provide comfort is a delicate process. Sending … read more

Engraving at Southern Stamped Jewelry, Inc

9th Mar 2017

There is something so special about having a part of those we love with us. Whether it's "I love you" written by a sweet little one in their block letters or an "I love you" from a first love letter, … read more