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Southern Stamped Jewelry: The Way to Your Mother in Law’s Heart

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It is a struggle all married couples know: how do I bridge the gap between my mother in law and myself? Why doesn’t she like me? Or, conversely, she really loves me and I want to get her something truly special. Handcrafted, personalized, beautifully made jewelry never goes unnoticed.

Nothing will communicate that you care more than a gorgeous, thoughtful, personalized necklace that shows your appreciation for her creating the person you love eternally. Say “Thank You” to your mother in law with a necklace that will literally be near and dear to her heart. Maybe she prefers the whimsical look of a charm bracelet. Southern Stamped Jewelry, Inc. offers adorable, and still handcrafted, bracelets that are also personalized at your request. No matter what your mother in law loves, be it rings, pendants, keychains, even personalized household utensils – you can give her whatever puts a smile on her face and cements your name on her good side.

Jewelry is the perfect gift for ANY occasion! From the obvious, like Christmas or birthdays, to Mother’s Day or a Get Well gift. Maybe you want to show your support after the loss of a loved one or a pet. You can communicate almost anything you want with a Southern Stamped gift. You can also find “manly” gifts for your father in law, like bottle openers, keychains, and much more.

Visit to see the HUGE assortment of jewelry, and other handcrafted gifts, for anyone in your life. Keychains, bottle openers…ALL gifts can be engraved. Also, you’ll find the heart-warming story of how Alison founded Southern Stamped Jewelry and why so many people can now share in the joy and comfort these items bring to their recipients. Then, you too can “WEAR YOUR STORY”.

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There is something so special about having a part of those we love with us. Whether it's "I love you" written by a sweet little one in their block letters or an "I love you" from a first love letter, those words are treasures. Southern Stamped Jewelry wants to help you keep these things close [...]

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Ok, so "yakkin" might be a new term for lots of us (me included). But it seems to be the newest thing. Kayaking here in the south involves a lot of horse flies, a lot of sunscreen, and a lot of sweating. The reward is gorgeous views and long stretches of just you and [...]

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