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Handmade Gifts to Honor the Memory of a Loved One - Southern Stamped

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When someone you know has lost a loved one, you yourself can often feel as though you are at a loss. Finding the right words and the right actions to provide comfort is a delicate process. Sending a card is a thoughtful way to express in the written word just how sorry you are for their loss, but cards soon get lost or tossed aside due to the hectic nature of life. Below you will find some sympathy gift ideas that will express your love and last for a lifetime.

A Charming Keychain

When you know how much the recently lost loved one meant to your friend, you can create a keychain of charms and notes they can carry with them everywhere they go. This is one of the best sympathy gift ideas that will endure through the years. Attach a train, truck, angel wings, a cross, and more so they can have constant reminders of the fondest memories they shared.

An Engraved Necklace

Engraved necklaces are the sympathy gift ideas that can be worn closest to the heart. If your friend lost a parent and they shared a special nickname, like “pops” or “mama bear,” or they wanted to engrave their friends’ birthday or a note recognizing their loss, you can create that gift that they’ll keep close for a long time. The beauty of a necklace is it is the sympathy gift idea that can keep giving—once they receive it, they can add their own charms, jewels, or messages as time passes and their grief changes.


Bracelets are also great sympathy gift ideas that can continue to grow as time passes—with varying charms being added, the bracelet can serve as a reminder of the love two people shared. With a bangle bracelet, you can even collect multiple messages, from nicknames to loving messages, to include in your gift.

Rearview Mirror Charms

Southern Stamped Jewelry has a particularly special and personal way to express your sympathy. With rear view mirror charms, you can include a custom-made charm with a design or message that is important to your friend and their lost loved one.

Final Word

When you are searching for the right words, charms are the way to send a simple, loving message with a long-lasting impact. At Southern Stamped Jewelry, we can provide you with a variety of sympathy gift ideas that can be engraved with your custom message to keep the gift personal and express your love. Visit our shop and find a message of love for your grieving friend:


There is something so special about having a part of those we love with us. Whether it's "I love you" written by a sweet little one in their block letters or an "I love you" from a first love letter, those words are treasures. Southern Stamped Jewelry wants to help you keep these things close [...]

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Have you ever had those times in life when you are just over adulting?  Just so. very. over. it. Clearly, when life gets tough, we are meant to get back to our true selves.  My true self happens to be a mermaid. Salty air, sunshine, starfish...sign me up.So lets just swim away to the beach [...]

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